SureCall Introduces Low-Profile Indoor Antenna to Boost Cell Phone Signals

Premium Cellular signal booster manufacturer, SureCall, has introduced a new slim, high-powered, ultra-slim  indoor antenna that can be used in conjunction with SureCall's high-end residential and commercial cell phone signal booster kits. The Ultra Thin Antenna improves total system performance while maintaining a low-profile look.

The new antenna replaces the company's current dome antenna, and features a widened gain range for enhanced cellular signal strength. It covers all frequencies and all North American cell phone carriers. As the newest addition to the SureCall product line, it is one of the most advanced and adaptable antenna options on the market.

SureCall expects to give customers a powerful new way to improve their ability to connect with one another through voice and data, and thus has developed the new indoor antenna with design and performance in mind which now has resulted in a highly efficient piece of technology that provides clarity and consistency users need.

The Ultra Thin Antenna will begin shipping in Q4 of 2017 as an individual component for $119.99 and will be included in many of SureCall's kits, including the Force5 2.0 cellular signal booster kit. The company will also be exhibiting the antenna at CEDIA 2017 in San Diego from September 5 – 9 as well as at the Mobile World Congress America 17 in San Francisco from September 12 - 14.