PCTEST Upgrades its LTE-Advanced Testing & Certification Capabilities with Rohde & Schwarz Equipment

PCTEST Engineering Laboratory, an ISO-17025 accredited laboratory for wireless testing and certification, has upgraded its RF, Protocol and RRM test platforms with Rohde & Schwarz solutions, for conformance testing of License Assisted Access (LAA), 5CC carrier aggregation and 8x4 MIMO to support new high-speed Gigabit devices entering the market.

As the mobile industry moves towards 5G, mobile operators today are looking for new ways to maximize data rates by accessing more spectrum. License Assisted Access, introduced in 3GPP Release 13 as part of LTE Advanced Pro, uses carrier aggregation in the downlink to combine LTE in the licensed band with LTE in unlicensed spectrum. With LAA, the licensed spectrum is used to carry the control and signaling information, while the unlicensed band (e.g., 5GHz) is aggregated together to carry more data, allowing the mobile operator to achieve faster data rates while maintaining a high quality of experience for the end user.

Rohde & Schwarz test solutions can be seen at the ongoing Mobile World Congress Americas in San Francisco, CA.