5 GHz Bi-Directional Train Top Antenna for Passenger Wi-Fi

PCTEL has launched a new 5 GHz bi-directional train top antenna - PCT-RSABD-DP. Wi-Fi on passenger and metro rail systems is evolving from a competitive advantage to a basic service expectation. PCTEL’s new bi-directional antenna communicates with wayside equipment in either direction from the train, providing reliable passenger Wi-Fi while minimizing installation and maintenance costs.

PCTEL’s train top is ruggedized for high-vibration environments and meets EN50155 and AAR certification requirements for use in Europe and North America. It is designed for metallic or non-metallic roof mounting on crowded train tops with no available ground plane. The antenna’s high port-to-port performance correlation and symmetrical patterns minimize interference between signals, maximizing data throughput performance and reliability.

PCTEL is showcasing its new bi-directional train top antenna along with other antenna solutions for rail at the 57th Annual RSSI C&S Exhibition in Indianapolis, Indiana, September 18 - 19. The antenna can be ordered using part number PCT-RSABD-DP and will be available for shipment by December 2017. For more information, click here.


  • Country: United States
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