Sarokal Test Systems Launches 5G Fronthaul Testing Solution

Sarokal has launched a new tester for generating, capturing and troubleshooting 5G Fronthaul traffic. X-STEP V has been designed to address the testing challenges that new 5G Fronthaul protocol variants and increasing line rates bring to base station manufacturers and equipment vendors. It operates on a patented customizable platform that can be adjusted to meet 5G vendor specific testing demands.

X-STEP V supports line data rates up to 25 GB with multiple lines. It is also compatible with the current DRTx platform.

Sarokal Test Systems provides innovative test solutions for Fronthaul networks. Its X-STEP products provide the means to generate, capture, and analyze bit accurate Fronthaul traffic with various line rates and protocols. With the 100% visibility and control over fronthaul traffic, X-STEP can ensure full interoperability between Fronthaul devices already in the early R&D development phase as well as in the field. Click here to learn more.