mBond Technology by Genesis Technical Achieves Gold Standard in Modem Compliance Testing by British Telecom

The mBond technology for increased backhaul performance by Genesis Technical Systems has now passed British Telecom’s (BT) Modem Conformance Testing (MCT) and achieved SIN 498 – a ‘Gold Standard’ in the industry. Genesis is now one of only nine global manufacturers to have achieved MCT compliance after undergoing extensive testing to check mBond meets the standard and complies with BT’s requirements.

mBond is a new generation of bonding solutions that addresses the inherent issues associated with G.Bond and EFM bonding. It delivers cost effective and immediate, fast broadband to customers out of reach of fibre or where over-the-air solutions are unviable. It supports carrier scale deployment for enterprises, multi-dwelling units, mobile data backhaul, T1/E1 replacement and small cell architectures. mBond is also highly tolerant of individual line pair performance and failures, has greater configuration flexibility with point to multipoint bonding capability, is scalable and DSLAM agnostic.

BT SIN 498 is the specification defining BT's VDSL2 (Very High Speed Digital Subscriber Line 2) service requirements, which ensures that products meet specific standards of support and compatibility, including all aspects of a device’s operation without any vendor interaction.

The MCT also covers supplementary features of BT's VDSL network, including support for G.INP, SRA, vectoring and extensive diagnostic reporting, all intended to make connectivity more reliable and consistent. Once certified, all future software updates from BT will be tested against the approved products to ensure there will not be conflicts.