IDT Unveils New Microwave and Millimeter Wave Products for Next-Gen 5G Communication Systems

Integrated Device Technology is sampling a portfolio of new millimeter wave beamformer products for next generation 5G communications systems. These products accelerate IDT’s growth in the RF market and consolidate its position as a leading supplier of RF and millimeter wave (mmWave) products for wireless infrastructure.

The products are based on the extensive research and development done on phased array systems by Professor Gabriel Rebeiz from the University of California San Diego, and his team. The unique quad core-chip architecture enables low power consumption solutions that combine low noise, high output power and high resolution amplitude and phase control for the front-end functions of the array.

The exciting new products highlight IDT’s on-going investment in core technologies to support its customers and grow the existing RF business. With these, IDT is now able to provide customers with products in the key 5G frequency bands of 26, 28 and 39 GHz.

Highlight features of the mmWave beamforming ICs that enable high performance antenna arrays, are:

  • 4 RF antenna ports, 1 RF common
  • On-chip Wilkinson combiners
  • Internal temperature monitoring
  • 6-bit chip ID
  • Fast SPI module including registers for each channel to control phase and gain biases
  • Hard-wired fast T/R switching
  • 5-bit DAC outputs to drive an (optional) external LNA or PA

The first two parts in the family are the F5280 (25-31 GHz) and F5390 (37-41GHz) transmitter/receiver (half duplex) products. Sample parts and evaluation kits are available to customers on request. IDT also exhibited the products at the IEEE 5G Summit in Dresden, Germany on September 19, 2017. Also on display was IDT’s RapidWave baseband modem for mmWave wireless backhaul and fixed wireless access.