MTI Selects MaxLinear Ku-Band Satellite Technology for Sky Q Wideband LNBs

MaxLinear’s MxL80x RF chip from their down-converter family has been selected by Microelectronics Technology Inc (MTI) for a new wideband low-noise block (LNB) that will ship to customers of Sky UK Limited to enable the innovative Sky Q services.

MaxLinear was the first company to develop an integrated circuit that down-converts the incoming satellite RF signal from 10.7 GHz-12.75 GHz into two wideband IF outputs, each supporting the 290 MHz to 2350 MHz extended L-Band (XLB) frequency range. MxL80x devices enable up to 4 GHz of satellite spectrum to be captured and placed onto two coaxial cables connected to a Sky Q video server in the home.

With the MxL80x, OEMs can significantly simplify the design and lower the cost of new LNBs, while enabling advanced multi-tuner, multi-screen features for service providers. The MxL80x devices are highly integrated with on-chip image rejection filters, crystal oscillator, phased lock loop (PLL), mixers and IF amplifiers.

The MxL80x ICs lower the bill-of-material (BOM) cost and reduced power consumption compared to alternative discrete solutions. This enables manufacturers to produce very small form-factor, cost-effective products that meet stringent RF performance requirements from leading broadcast satellite operators.

Publisher: everything RF