China Mobile Research Institute Selects Keysight for Mobile IoT Test System

Keysight has announced that its mobile internet of things (IoT) test system was selected by China Mobile Research Institute (CMRI). Based on the E7515A UXM wireless test set, Keysight helps CMRI study the power consumption, RF, and positioning performance, and verification, of new IoT technologies, devices and products.

The mobile IoT module, bridges the mobile IoT chipset and device to fulfill the specific requirements of IoT fragmentation applications, and helps with the quick deployment of new products. While the IoT module plays a key role in ensuring the quality of IoT applications, a standard testing platform and method is indispensable to ensure the key performance of the IoT module's power consumption, RF and positioning capabilities. Lower power consumption means longer usage time and lower deployment and maintenance cost; superior RF performance means a more reliable network connection and greater stability; and precise positioning performance means the system is suitable for different application scenarios within the mobile environment.

For more information about Keysight's UXM wireless test set, click here.