New RF Hazard Protocol and Insurance Product for the Wireless Ecosystem

The National Antenna & Tower Safety Center has introduced a new protocol and insurance product designed to protect all stakeholders within the wireless ecosystem from the physical and financial harm caused by RF radiation at cell sites.

Over the last several years, the global insurance industry has excluded RF radiation injury coverage from standard policies. This exclusion followed AM Best's recognition in 2013 of RF radiation as an emerging risk, along with cyber-security and fracking.

The FCC holds all governmental and commercial licensees responsible for the safety of workers around RF antennas. The wireless industry did not have a solution to provide full compliance with the FCC's regulations - until now. The NA&TSC RF safety solution ensures all licensees are in full compliance with the FCC's rules protecting workers from RF radiation. Due to the integrity of the NA&TSC RF safety system, global insurers are now willing to underwrite this RF radiation risk for all stakeholders who follow the straightforward RF safety protocol. The result of this collaboration is NA&TSC's insurance product RF Indemnity Shield, which provides financial protection to all covered participants.

NA&TSC is a socially-responsible San Diego-based wireless technology company and has globally patented an innovative, multi-layered RF safety system to protect all stakeholders within the wireless ecosystem against physical and financial harm. This comprehensive RF safety solution will be provided to all participants at no cost.

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