Custom MMIC to Discuss GaN LNAs at EuMW 2017

Custom MMIC has announced their attendance at European Microwave Week 2017 in Nuremberg, Germany from October 8 - 13, 2017. Their representatives will be present at the event to meet and discuss the latest developments in RF and microwave GaAs and GaN MMICs, including ultra-wideband amplifiers, linear mixers, low noise amplifiers, low-phase noise amplifiers, switches, and more.

Nicolas Novaris, a lead engineer with Custom MMIC, will also be presenting a paper titled, “Understanding the Phenomenon of High Power Pulse Recovery in GaN LNAs”. The paper explores and details the high power pulse recovery behavior of commercially available and overdriven gallium nitride low noise amplifiers. This topic has become pertinent as GaN LNAs, with comparable noise figures to common gallium arsenide (GaAs) LNAs, are capable of withstanding high input power levels without the need for additional and performance degrading limiter circuitry, unlike GaAs LNAs.

This capability is attractive for defense applications, as military and aerospace receivers are often subject to jamming signals and may be in close proximity to high power transmitters. It has been discovered, however, that even though GaN LNAs can withstand the high power interfering inputs, when the interference signal is removed rapidly, residual distortion occurs until the device recovers. Advancing on past research, Custom MMIC engineers subjected GaN LNAs to non-coherent jamming signals with varying duration and intensity. It was discovered that the recovery time exhibited radical relationship related to the input power. Moreover, the input action also significantly impacted the recovery time.

Nicolas Novaris will be sharing the results of this study Wednesday, October 11th, at 2:10 PM in the Kiew room, as part of the EuMC28 sessions on amplifiers and receivers.

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