Global Li-Fi Market Estimated to be Worth US$ 80 Billion by 2021

Li-Fi technology uses light waves instead of radio waves for transmitting data. Research and Markets has added a new report, “Global Li-Fi Market - Analysis of Growth, Trends and Progress 2017 – 2022” to its latest offering. According to report, the Global Li-Fi market is estimated to be worth US $ 80 billion in 2021. This new disruptive innovation is expected to grab a high portion of Wi-Fi market especially in commercial use segment.

One of the major benefits of Li-Fi technology using light waves instead of radio waves for transmitting data is enhancement of data safety and security. Data stealing will be difficult as LiFi does not transmit through walls. Infinite bandwidth of light and limited exposure to radiation is one of the reasons for selecting Li-Fi over Wi-Fi. The device has uses both in developed and developing nations.

The growth and increase in lifetime of LED lightening has led to formation of new commercial prototypes in the lightening industry. In Li-Fi technology, visible light coming from LED bulbs acts as carrier for data and can reach any devices which are illuminated by it. The flickering of LED bulb creates signal for the receiver device and thereby transmitting data. This wireless optical networking technology has the potential to transmit data up to speed of 224 GB per second and is about 100 times faster than Wi-Fi. This market has got commercialized for its unidirectional communication applications.

In developing nations where the government is focusing on improving communication and internet penetration, Li-Fi has the potential for transmitting uncongested and noise free signals which Wi-Fi fails to provide. It will help in universalisation of internet in developed nations through Street light LEDs. Government promotions for LED bulbs in developed countries will also help in expansion of Li-Fi. It is more cost and environment friendly as compared to Wi-Fi. As internet connectivity is becoming a basic necessity in this century and people are looking for hassle free fast internet, the spread of LiFi is expected to grow steady in the future.

Major opportunities in Li-Fi industry includes: smart LED lightening for commercial buildings and private homes, smart lightening of public spaces like stations and airports, traffic updates from traffic lights, Smart Store, Consumer Electronics and Game Consoles. The market for the photo detector segment is also expected to witness a boom due to advent of this technology.

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