Telit's Multi-frequency Radio Module Now Supports Wirepas Connectivity

Telit has launched a new multifrequency connectivity module based on Wirepas Technology. The Telit RE866 module contains two radios, allowing customers to use this module either as a Sub-gigahertz (Sub-GHz) or 2.4 GHz module. This multifrequency approach is exceptionally fitting for large-scale IoT applications where selecting the correct physical layer is a pre-requisite to achieve the correct balance between density, scale and power consumption.

The addition of Wirepas Connectivity to the RE866 family allows customers to select fit-for-purpose connectivity for the targeted use case. It allows them to address on one hand high density and on the other deep indoors thanks to decentralized Wirepas connectivity. Wirepas also enables fast and reliable over-the-air (OTA) updates for the application software, in addition to the connectivity firmware.

Wirepas Connectivity is deployed at scale across the Nordics to deliver cost and reliability benefits using a novel wide area mesh. Initial use case targets for the combination of Wirepas and the Telit RE866 module include smart utility applications such as metering across the electricity, gas and water segments, including sub-metering. The full advantage of the advanced multi-frequency radios in the Telit module can be achieved in complex applications such as combined indoor and outdoor asset management.

Wirepas showcased the combination of Wirepas Connectivity and the RE866 module at European Utility Week 2017, 3rd to 5th October in Amsterdam.

Wirepas Connectivity is also available on the Telit BlueMod+W42 platform since 2016. The BlueMod+W42, Telit’s Bluetooth v4.2 single mode module, is offering Wirepas Connectivity in the 2.4 GHz band. The module boasts very small dimensions (17 x 10 x 2.6 mm). With operating temperature range of -40°C to +85°C, this high-end Bluetooth module has a line-of-sight range of more than 800 meters. For additional information about the Telit BlueMod W42 module, click here.