Telit Bluetooth Module Integrated in to Patient Range of Motion Sensor

Telit has announced that 270 Vision Limited, a UK-based product design and development company, selected Telit's BlueMod+SR Bluetooth module for the company's BPMpro Mark 2 sensor for remote, precision measurement of patient Range of Motion (ROM).

The BPMpro (BPM: Body Performance Measurement) wearable sensor is a medical device that measures patient ROM before and during rehabilitation. Post-surgery, the patient is discharged to be remotely monitored at home as they undertake their daily routine using a BPMpro sensor in a new patient support concept called BPMpathway. The captured sensor output displays on a patient tablet running BPMpathway software and streams live to the clinician, who can use this data to assess their patient's progress, without necessarily having to consult face to face with them.

Daily remote monitoring helps healthcare providers deliver enhanced, personalized post-operative support programs to patients during their recovery to meet their individual needs. Using the patient data collected by BPMpathway, clinicians can identify very subtle deterioration in the patients' range and quality of motion, which may be indicative of a developing issue that requires intervention. Early detection can help prevent more serious complications, potentially significantly reducing post-operative care costs. B. Braun Melsungen AG, 270 Vision's strategic partner and one of the world's leading manufacturers of medical devices and pharmaceutical products and services, is selling the patented technology in 28 countries.

BPMpro features Telit's BlueMod+SR dual mode Bluetooth 4.0 module, with a footprint of just 17 x 10 x 2.6 mm. The module features data rates ranging from 723 Kbps (basic) to 2.1 Mbps (enhanced), as well as Bluetooth low energy modes, making it a flexible, efficient and compact solution for BPMpro sensors. In addition to the BlueMod+SR hardware, Telit is also delivering a customized version of the module firmware to meet exact specifications from 270 Vision's product management. The specialized firmware enabled an easier integration, reducing development time for the new generation of BPMpro devices. The BPMpro sensor and its associated software is a Class 1 Medical device. Click here to learn more about the BPMpro.