MACOM's RF Energy Toolkit Minimizes Design Complexity and Costs for Solid-State RF Systems

MACOM has announced that its RF Energy Toolkits are now available for order, meeting surging customer demand for a flexible and cost-effective development platform that helps accelerate their time to market with high-performance, power efficient solid-state RF systems. Targeted for use in commercial markets ranging from cooking, lighting and industrial heating/drying to medical/pharmaceutical, automotive ignition systems and beyond, MACOM’s RF Energy Toolkits enable engineers to quickly and easily take advantage of GaN-on-Si as a high-precision, high-efficiency energy source.

The all-in-one versatility and ease-of-use of MACOM’s RF Energy Toolkit streamlines development cycles and costs for GaN-on-Si-based RF systems, equipping engineers to overcome the limitations of legacy magnetron power sources while achieving significantly higher efficiency than LDMOS-based systems, at comparable cost structures. With the Toolkit, designers are enabled to fine-tune RF energy output for any application requirements, with push-button ease and an intuitive display interface. OEMs designing for more complex RF energy applications can tap MACOM and its partner network for custom applicator and algorithm development, plus expert engineering support.

MACOM’s RF Energy Toolkits can scale power output up to 300 W leveraging the onboard MACOM GaN-on-Si power transistor, and can be easily paralleled for higher power applications. The Toolkits support pulsed and continuous wave operation at the 2.45 GHz frequency band. Future Toolkits will support the 915 MHz frequency band.

MACOM is showcasing its RF Energy Toolkit at European Microwave Week (EuMW) in Nuremberg, Germany. The RF Energy Toolkits are now available for order.


  • Country: United States
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