Latest Technologies by AR Europe on Dispaly at EuMW 2017

At the European Microwave Week 2017, AR Europe is showcasing their latest advancements and the newest technologies. Products on display at their booth include:

Solid State Pulsed Power Amplifiers

For automotive, aviation and military EMC radiated susceptibility testing, as well as radar and communication applications, there is now a very attractive alternative to Traveling Wave Tube Amplifiers (TWTA’s). AR’s new Solid State Pulsed Power Amplifiers include various frequency ranges and output power levels to meet several standards, or designs can be tailored to suit your specific application. These amplifiers feature a touchscreen control panel, GPIB interface, TTL gating, fault monitoring, and forced air cooling. Units feature Octave frequency bands from 1-2 GHz and 1-4 GHz as well as narrowband 1.2-1.4 & 2.7-3.1 GHz bands. Output powers from 1 to 150 kW are available with pulse widths up to 100 µsec. and duty cycles to 10%.

New Single Band Amplifiers Cover 6 to 18 GHz Frequency Band

AR’s new 20S6G18A and 40S6G18B are self-contained, air-cooled, broadband, Class A solid-state amplifiers designed for applications where instantaneous bandwidth, high gain and linearity are required. The Model 20S6G18A, when used with a sweep generator, will provide a minimum of 20 watts of RF output power instantaneously from 6 to 18 GHz, while the 40S version delivers 40 watts. These instruments are suitable for radiated immunity testing, TWTA replacements, and EW applications.

AR's 0.7 - 6 GHz Solid State Power Amplifier Modules

Our line of 0.7 - 6 GHz Hybrid Power Module Products (HPMs) offer the ultimate in performance over this wide frequency range in one compact connectorized housing. These designs manufactured in our state of the art Microelectronics lab can meet the stringent requirements for today’s electronic warfare military systems and IED applications, as well as being price competitive for wireless and communication applications. For wireless applications, these amplifiers can test systems, higher power amplifiers or transistors, and be used for accelerated life testing and stress screening (HALT & HASS). Both Class A and Class AB versions are available with output power levels up to 50 watts.

Boonton Products Distribution Throughout Europe

Founded in 1947, Boonton has built on over 60 years of experience in RF technology. From the beginning, products have gained a reputation for high-performance combined with high reliability. This has not changed and Boonton customers recognize the products for their dependability, accuracy, and state-of-the art measurement capabilities.

All products are backed by exemplary customer service and support. Boonton’s portfolio includes Peak and Average power meters, RF voltmeters, Modulation & Audio meters, and PIM (passive inter-modulation) testers. Boonton’s diverse and innovative products are used in terrestrial and satellite communication, radar, telemetry, avionics, military, and an expanding number of wireless communication applications.

New 2nd Half 2017 Catalog! The Power To Meet All Your RF & EMC Testing Needs

AR’s latest catalog features the new low cost Universal series amplifiers with the widest bandwidth in the industry, covering the 10 kHz to 1000 MHz frequency range. Additional highlights include new RF Solid State CW Amplifiers, Pulsed Amplifiers, TWTAs, details on HIRF systems components, and reference to a new product demo video on the 6-18 GHz amplifier series. Click here to request one today.

Stop by the AR Booth to learn more.


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