WIN Semiconductors Enhances its 0.25µm GaN Process for Demanding Power Applications through the Ku-Band

GaN Probe

WIN Semiconductors, the world’s largest pure-play compound semiconductor foundry, has released an optimized version of its 0.25µm gallium nitride (GaN) technology that provides superior DC and RF transistor performance. The NP25 is a 0.25µm-gate GaN-on-SiC process that offers users the flexibility to produce both fully integrated amplifier products as well as custom discrete transistors. In production since 2014, the optimized 0.25 µm process offers enhanced RF performance with fast switching time, higher gain and increased power added efficiency for demanding power applications through Ku-band.

Transistors developed on the NP25 process exhibit more ideal DC and RF IV characteristics and provide 2 dB higher maximum stable gain. Increased gain leads directly to higher power density and PAE under a range of tuning and bias conditions. This performance-optimized process is fully qualified and supported with a comprehensive design kit and transistor models.

The WIN NP25 technology is fabricated on 4-inch silicon carbide substrates and operates at a drain bias of 28 volts. At 10 GHz, NP25 provides saturated output power of 5 watts/mm with 19 dB linear gain and over 65% power added efficiency. These performance metrics make the NP25 process well suited for a variety of high power, broad bandwidth and linear transmit functions in the radar, satellite communications, and wireless infrastructure markets.

NP25 sample kits are available and can be obtained by contacting WIN’s regional sales managers.

WIN Semiconductors is showcasing its compound semiconductor RF and mm-Wave solutions at the 2017 European Microwave Week in Nurnberg, Germany.