u-Blox Provides Concurrent GNSS Technology to Timing Synchronization System

u-blox has announced that its LEA-M8T concurrent GNSS timing module is now being used by V3Novus, a provider of a high quality electronic components and embedded system designs based in India, in its latest Precision Synchronization System with a built-in NTP Server.

Aimed at the Telecom, Railway and Military applications to provide traceable time stamps for data transported over packet networks, the Time Synchronization System features a precision Rubidium oscillator to supplement the signal received by the u-blox LEA-M8T module. This gives operators greater confidence in the NTP (Network Time Protocol) server’s output under all conditions.

More digital traffic now crosses more carriers’ networks and passes through more equipment to reach the end-users. As a result, the demand for phase and time synchronization is evolving. The telecommunications infrastructure relies on accurate time stamping for many applications, including VoIP switches/gateways, media servers, SNMP, SS7 and IP traffic monitoring systems, as well as IPTV STBs and gateways.

The LEA-M8T concurrent GNSS module provides market leading acquisition and tracking sensitivity by supporting the GPS/QZSS, BeiDou, GLONASS and Galileo satellite systems. It integrates the same timing integrity measures found in all u-blox timing products, which includes Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring (RAIM) and continuous phase uncertainty estimation.