New Band Pass Filters Block Radio Interference in PTC Rail Applications

PolyPhaser has expanded its RRF Series of band pass filters engineered to function between 219.5 to 222 MHz frequencies for Positive Train Control (PTC) communications. The new RRF-ITC-219-NFF filter reduces interference issues by blocking unwanted signals due to co-location. The filter also incorporates more than 60 dB of attenuation from 88 MHz - 108 MHz, 160 - 162 MHz, 210 - 216 MHz and 452 - 458 MHz.

Engineers at PolyPhaser worked closely with U.S. railroad operators to identify key requirements for the RRF Series, and developed the products to address specific issues with interoperability.

The new RRF filters were tested to meet key industry standards for shock, vibration, temperature and filtering. The RRF-ITC-219-NFF joins two additional PolyPhaser RRF Series filters engineered for frequencies utilized in PTC applications in the Northeast Corridor of the United States.

Key specifications include:

  • Two-port design with N-Type female connectors
  • Passband between 219.5 to 222 MHz frequencies
  • Tested to IP 54 and AAR Standards, Section K Part V, S-9401

RRF-ITC-219-NFF and other PTC band pass filters are available today. For more information, click here.