Gore Showcases Next-Gen Fabrics, Cables & Materials for Military and Defense Applications

W. L. Gore & Associates showcased products from both GORE Military Fabrics and GORE Cables and Materials engineered to perform reliably on the battlefield and in the air at the 2017 AUSA in Washington, D.C.

Gore offers durable technical solutions for military personnel and the ground vehicles and aircraft that protect them. Highlighted at the expo was the GORE CHEMPAK fabric with stretch technology used in the CPCSU-2 that delivers protection against a wide range of chemical and biological hazards in liquid, vapor, and aerosol form. They also had on display soft, flexible GORE Uniform Fabric that offers the best combination of improved breathability, greater water resistance, faster drying time, and superior strength without melting or dripping during flash-fire incidents.

Gore also featured its expanded catalog of GORE Cables and Materials for ground vehicles and aircraft that deliver failure-free performance in any military defense operation. Other products on display include small, lightweight high data rate cables; high-frequency coaxial and microwave/RF assemblies; robust power and signal delivery cables; durable aircraft sealants; and excellent EMI shielding materials.

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