API Technologies Collaborates with ADI for High Reliability Electronic Modules and Assemblies

API Technologies has entered into a collaboration arrangement with Analog Devices on the production of custom, high reliability electronic modules and assemblies. This partnership has been developed to permit ADI's wide range of high performance integrated circuits (IC) and high speed digital signal processing technology to integrate with API's value-added engineering services, footprint reduction and miniaturization technologies, and in-house production, manufacturing and testing capabilities. This will allow API to deliver a U.K.designed and manufactured, integrated high performance solution directly to U.K. and European customers to support their custom aerospace and defense, mission critical requirements.

In order to reduce time to market, API and ADI sales forces plan to cooperatively identify and direct to API those U.K. and European aerospace and defense customers who are seeking a solution that integrates ADI's proprietary semiconductor and IC technologies within a custom-designed API module.

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