NI AWR Design Environment Now Available with PDK Support for ON Semiconductor IPD Process

NI AWR Design Environment will now be available with Process Design Kit (PDK) support for ON Semiconductor’s integrated passive devices (IPDs) process. Developed in conjunction with National Instrument’s (NI) AWR software experts, the ON Semiconductor IPD PDK is ideal for fabrication of passive devices such as baluns, filters, couplers, diplexers and matching networks that are used in portable, wireless and RF applications.

Implemented in the PDK are electrical models and layout parameterized cells (PCells) that support Microwave Office extraction flow for AXIEM 3D planar electromagnetic (EM) simulation. The PDK also incorporates iNet technology for intelligent and automated net routing, design-rule checking (DRC) and connectivity checker/highlighter.

Click here for the ON Semiconductor IPD PDK Datasheet from NI AWR.

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