Qorvo Expands its Wireless Infrastructure Portfolio to Support All 5G Frequency Bands

QorvoQorvo has announced a line of small-signal products that support the 600 MHz/Band 71 spectrum recently auctioned in the U.S. This expansion of the company’s infrastructure portfolio makes them the only supplier to address all frequency bands for 5G communications, from sub-6 GHz through 39 GHz.

The new products are linear driver amplifiers that support operation down to 600 MHz – the QPA9805, TQP7M9101, TQP7M9102, TQP7M9103 and TQP7M9105. They complement Qorvo’s already broad range of wireless infrastructure solutions, from linear driver amplifiers and variable gain amplifiers to low noise amplifiers, gain blocks, filters, attenuators, switches and integrated front-end modules.

These modules are available off-the-shelf and can shorten customers’ time to market to meet consumers’ insatiable demand for more bandwidth and higher data speeds.

The number of subscriptions for 5G technology is projected to accelerate over the next several years, reaching 89 million by 2022.

By operating over broad frequency ranges or having pin-compatible product families, Qorvo’s products enable customers to save costs by eliminating the need to redesign PCBs or system lineups. The table below shows a partial list of Qorvo products targeted for wireless infrastructure, and the frequency bands they support.

Click here to see the complete list of products for 5G Wireless Infrastructure Applications.


  • Country: United States
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