ThinkRF Raises $5 million to Expand in to New Geographic Regions and Vertical Markets

ThinkRF has received $5 million in additional funding to capture a significant share of the spectrum analyzer market, which is expected to reach $1.75 billion by 2022. The latest funding builds on the software-defined spectrum analysis provider’s recent momentum, including its collaboration with Keysight Technologies.

Existing investor Wesley Clover International, one of the leading technology investment and management firms in Canada, led the financing round along with a number of other private investors. The money will be used by ThinkRF to execute the next phase of the company’s business strategy, which includes expanding into new geographic and vertical markets.

The ThinkRF solution is built on patented, software-defined spectrum analysis technology that gives users greater versatility, better performance, and additional capabilities for wireless spectrum analysis. In addition to 5G, the compact and remotely deployable ThinkRF platform is ideal for security applications from signals intelligence (SIGINT), which is the interception of signals by intelligence agencies to help fight the war on terror, to technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM), which involves pinpointing electronic eavesdropping devices.

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