Anritsu and Keycom Announce Radar Test Collaboration Agreement

Anritsu has signed a collaboration agreement with Keycom Corp. whereby Anritsu will serve as an exclusive representative of Keycom’s Radar Test Systems (RTSs) and Emblem Evaluation Systems (EESs) in the Americas. KEYCOM develops and manufactures highly accurate and dependable measurement components,
devices and systems that operate from 10 μHz to 300 GHz. The agreement allows Anritsu to provide automobile companies, automotive radar manufacturers, and emblem and radar cover makers with a comprehensive test portfolio to verify automotive radar components and systems.

The collaboration will help Anritsu provide test solutions for the design and manufacturer of connected cars and autonomous vehicles that incorporate electronic systems, telematics and driver assistance devices. Complementing the Keycom systems are Anritsu test solutions for high frequency testing, including millimeter wave bands used in automotive radar. The test portfolio can be used by engineers during R&D and production of high-performance systems used in collision avoidance systems and other autonomous vehicle technologies.

Keycom’s multifunctional RTSs verify radar distance and speed in a controlled indoor environment. The Keycom EESs verify that emblems perform according to specification. These systems interface with Anritsu’s spectrum analyzers and power meters to conduct frequency and power measurements, respectively. Anritsu signal analyzers integrated with high-performance waveguide mixers and vector network analyzers (VNAs) are also used for automotive radar applications.

Anritsu will begin representing Keycom products within the Americas customer base immediately.


  • Country: United States
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