Telit LTE Cat 1 Modules with Voice over LTE Now Certified on Verizon Networks

Telit has announced that two of its modules, the LE910-SV1 and LE910-SVL have been certified by Verizon. These two modules are part of Telit's portfolio of LTE Category 1 (Cat 1) modules supporting Voice over LTE (VoLTE) technology that are now available for operation on Verizon's 4G LTE network. IoT integrators are now able to take advantage of the new and cost-effective standard for cellular voice communication, essential for the long-term evolution of voice-dependent applications in the IoT.

The LE910-SVx module is a member of Telit's best-selling xE910 family and can easily be applied as a drop-in replacement in existing devices based on the family's modules for 2G, 3G and the various categories of LTE. With the company's design-once-use-anywhere philosophy, developers can cut costs and development time by simply designing around the xE910 LGA common form factor, giving them the freedom to deploy technologies best suited for the application's environment.

Integrators and providers looking for lower costs, security and extended product lifecycles now have more options with the Telit LE910-SVx Verizon-certified LTE Cat 1 VoLTE modules. The combination of LTE Cat 1 technology with VoLTE support makes these modules ideal for new and existing applications in segments such as home and business security, people tracking, wellness monitoring for the elderly and convalescent, smart home and smart buildings.

Telit also features the broadest portfolio of certified LTE IoT Category modules in the industry. For more information about the Telit portfolio of LTE modules, click here.