Low Cost GPS Anti-Jamming & Anti-Spoofing Antenna Module for Timing Systems

GPSdome Ltd. has introduced its new product, GPSdome 1.0 Model T, which provides GPS anti-jamming and anti-spoofing protection for GPS-based timing systems. The new product identifies GPS jamming and spoofing attacks, and retains the GPS signal reception by using Electronic Warfare algorithms. GPSdome-T will be formally launched next week at ITSF 2017 (International Timing and Synchronization Forum) conference in Warsaw, Poland.

GPSdome is certified by the Israel National Physics Laboratory (INPL), a member of the Bureau International des Poids et Mesures (BIPM) of having a fixed latency of approximately 50 nanoseconds. The minimal, and more importantly, constant latency of GPSdome-T remains identical in jamming or spoofing conditions as in ideal conditions, which makes it a perfect solution for timing systems. The company has tested GPSdome-T integrated with popular timing servers, such as Microsemi SyncServer S650 and others. The successful tests showed that the GPSdome-protected timing server retained GPS reception and continued functioning safely under jamming and spoofing attacks, while the unprotected timing server lost the GPS signal and started drifting away from UTC.

The expected deployment of 5G cellular networks will require an advanced GPS-based timing system almost in every base station. Without any resilience against jamming and spoofing threats, 5G networks will not be able to comply with the stringent timing requirements of 5G.

GPSdome-T was designed specifically to meet the increasing threats of cyber attacks on any GPS-based system. Being built as a simple antenna module, GPSdome-T offers an easy plug-and-play solution for new system deployments as well as simply replacing the existing GPS antenna with the GPSdome-T for the existing install base.

GPSdome Ltd. has developed a cyber protection solution against jamming and spoofing for GPS-based systems, such as autonomous vehicles, UAVs and timing systems. Its competitive advantage is its affordable price compared to existing solutions that were developed for military applications. The company's development team includes electronic warfare (EW) engineers who developed the GPSdome based on advanced military technologies.