New Embedded Voice Enabled Multiprotocol Wireless Connectivity and IoT Platform

Libre Wireless Technologies has introduced an entirely new embedded voice enabled multiprotocol wireless connectivity and IoT platform, at a one day industry summit focused on the Amazon Alexa Voice Service (AVS). The MAVID platform consumes very low power, is incredibly small in size and incorporates a complete hardware and software solution for embedded voice, IoT, audio and wireless connectivity, and features Amazon Alexa Voice Service support. In addition to bringing great value to existing voice-enabled products, this platform will enable OEMs and ODMs to create entirely new applications not realizable until now like including very small battery powered, portable and wearable products for next gen voice interface products.

Libre Wireless is known for their industry leading LibreSync wireless mic-to-cloud voice and media streaming platform solutions, and now takes their solutions to an entirely new level. The new MAVID platform will deliver a range of miniature “Multiprotocol Audio & Voice IoT Devices” that deliver turn-key, or fully customizable, end-to-end solutions all integrated into a single device, with the first MAVID device measuring only 13.5 mm x 13.5 mm. The platform provides comprehensive integration, performance optimization and wireless coexistence management for a wide range of features, including extensive host MCU features, 802.11ac dual band WiFi, BT4.1, BT audio streaming, BlueTooth Low Energy, far field voice processing interface including Automatic Echo Cancellation/Beam Forming/Wake Word recognition, Wake-on-voice features along with integrated and embedded memory. MAVID also offers options for adding Zigbee, Thread, LoRa, DECT/ULE and LTE connectivity for broader interoperability and multiprotocol applications. This extensive hardware integration is driven by a comprehensive multiprotocol connectivity, far field voice, Alexa voice services and media streaming application SDK, all running on a very fast and power efficient Real-Time Operating System.

The MAVID platform offers scalable device options and software features that enable cost/feature optimized solutions for a myriad of new voice enabled IoT applications, many of which were not realizable until now with this very unique and fully integrated miniaturized MAVID hardware/software platform.