Next-Gen LoRa Transceivers for Affordable, Reliable and Scalable Wireless Remote Monitoring

Device Solutions has announced the availability of the next generation Cellio LoRa long-range low-power wireless transceivers for wide area, long range, end-to-end monitoring and control for agriculture, cold chain, gas distribution, transportation, and many other industrial applications.

Cellio is suited for single locations as well extensive enterprise configurations where there may be millions of sensors and controls connected to equipment across the continent. They have partnered with cellular carriers and back-end cloud platforms, sensor instrumentation companies, and technology core companies to make full enterprise-level-solution installations quickly in a scalable fashion at very affordable prices.

Easy to install, the Cellio ecosystem enables companies to gain unprecedented visibility into their operations and assets on a continuous basis. For many companies this means moving from clipboards, paper and pencil to near real-time information of inventories, process parameters, and alert conditions across the enterprise all day every day.

Cellio transceivers use LoRa wireless technology (Long Range 915 MHz) to connect sensors and controllers wirelessly to the cloud. The newest generation of Cellio LoRa Transceivers provide:

1. Internal wireless antenna – greater than 1 mile Line of Sight
2. 4-5 years of operation on single 9VDC lithium battery
3. Support for 4-20mA sensors
4. Real time alert/fault detection and notifications
5. Waterproof and dustproof enclosure (IP68)
6. 1-wire sensor support

Device Solutions is led by Bob Witter, Chris Lamb and Keith Anderson who are committed to providing wireless and mobile device consulting, design, and development for embedded products. In its 14-year history, Device Solutions has successfully created many products that impact daily life. Examples of products on the market include: a mechanism to control a car’s ignition through breathalyzer, wireless utility monitoring, an implanted heart device that serves those awaiting transplant, wearable electronics, and a non-interventional wristband to aid children with autism and ADHD. In 2012, the partners decided to invest in Cellio, an IoT/M2M/IIoT product, which simplifies connecting many types of sensors to the network. Cellio is designed to address the unique requirements identified across the variety of industries needing to monitor remote assets.