Rakon Supports LimeSDR Mini, Promises High Performance at a Reasonable Cost

Rakon, a manufacturer of crystal oscillators has extended its support to Lime MicrosystemsLimeSDR Mini platform. The Rakon oscillator, along with the Lime LMS7002 and Altera’s FPGA is one of the three key components in the LimeSDR platform, which will help deliver flawless performance at a price point that makes SDR accessible.

The LimeSDR Mini makes software-defined radio development radically more accessible. Rakon invests in technology to develop the next generation of FCPs required for the fast moving communications industry. The company’s partnership with Lime Microsystems will provide one of the core components for their open source software-defined radio solution.

LimeSDR has also adopted an App-Store approach, partnering with Ubuntu. This allows developers to sell and share their apps to organisations and individuals, and allows them to download and get RF systems running within minutes. 

LimeSDR Technical specifications:

The LimeSDR and LimeSDR Mini are highly-configurable software defined radio platforms that can work with virtually any standard from IoT (LoRa / SigFox) to mobile comms (2G, 3G, 4G). They use the Lime LS7002 RF chip to operate from 100 kHz to 3.8 GHz (LimeSDR) or 10MHz to 3.5 GHz (Mini) and enable software configuration at the Radio Access Network.

This frequency range can be extended to over 10 GHz frequencies via a companion board also available via Crowd Supply.



  • Country: New Zealand
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