NEC Platforms Mobile Router Powered by LTE Advanced Pro 4.75G Single Chip from GCT Semiconductor

GCT Semiconductor’s 4.75G LTE Advanced Pro chip, the GDM7243A, is powering the new high-speed LTE mobile router developed by NEC Platforms (NECPF), and launched by UQ Communications (UQ) in Japan. The new Speed Wi-Fi NEXT WX04 achieves high downlink/uplink speeds of 440/30 Mbps in TDD mode by using a combination of both 4x4 MIMO and Carrier Aggregation (CA) technologies.

GCT’s TDD/FDD-LTE Advanced chip features high performance multi-antenna technology, 4x4 MIMO and CA, therefore significantly improving LTE coverage, peak throughput and spectral efficiency. In addition, this chip is the world’s first to offer field-proven 8 antenna diversity (4x8 MIMO), which will likely play a key role for 5G technology. The GDM7243A delivers Cat 12/15 throughputs with speeds of up to 800 Mbps in FDD. It incorporates numerous technologies that will be used in 5G standards, therefore preparing for the path to 5G.

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