AtlanTecRF Releases New Multiple Frequency Comb Generator

AtlanTecRF has released a new Multiple Frequency Comb Generator. The unit is supplied in a 3 unit high bench top case, is designed for use in up-to-the-minute particle physics and material science research.

The input signal is amplified to provide power to a comb generator. Frequencies are selected by a switched filter bank. Signal control for AM modulation is provided by way of a voltage variable attenuator and phase shift control through a line stretcher. The signal is then amplified to provide an output at one of 6 frequencies.

An additional phase shifter will be supplied for use externally when 2 GHz output frequency is selected. The unit can be customized to provide alternative output frequencies. There is also an option to provide up to 12 additional output frequencies. An additional switched output for an unfiltered comb can be included.

AtlanTecRF specifically designed this product to target researchers involved in magnetic materials, photonics, optical and X-ray measurements – often at synchrotron facilities. With its launch operators can now generate multiple frequencies locked to a precise reference frequency.

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