Fraunhofer IPMS to Present Insights on Wireless and Battery-Free RFID Sensor Systems at 2017 SPS IPC Drives

Fraunhofer IPMS will showcase the development and implementation of wireless and battery-free RFID sensor systems at the 2017 SPS IPC Drives. The event will be held from November 28 -30, 2017 in Nuremberg, Germany.

In addition to designing RFID sensor ASICs for various frequencies, the research and development institute provides services ranging from proof of concept to RFID component design as well as the integration of complete sensor systems into highly automated logistics and manufacturing environments. According to Dr. Frank Deicke, Head of the Fraunhofer IPMS Development Team, a flexible interface concept allows maintenance-free sensor nodes to be arbitrarily fitted with either analog or digital sensor nodes, depending on customer-specific requirements.

The so-called RFID-OPC-UA-AutoID (ROAD) Server translates the OPC-UA AutoID companion specification for RFID sensor components, enabling standard-compliant communication for industrial automation regardless of component manufacturer. Readers, identification- and sensor-transponders from different manufacturers are therefore able to uniformly respond in the LF, HF, UHF and NFC frequency ranges. This is particularly advantageous in existing RFID systems.

Individual software solutions are provided to analyze and evaluate large amounts of data collected for long-term measurement according to individual requirements. These include intuitive solutions for acquiring measured values data, customer-specific applications developed for operating systems, data acquisition and control integration into industrial environments, and professional cloud applications.

Developers will be on hand at the 2017 SPS IPC Drives, Europe's leading exhibition for electric automation, to present an RFID evaluation kit equipped with various sensors and provide advice on the implementation of RFID sensor systems.

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