DesignCon 2018 To Cover Space Travel, Autonomous Vehicles and Future Engineering Predictions

DesignCon 2018, a premier conference for chip, board and systems design engineers, announced three new keynote presentations covering NASA's New Horizons mission, the safety of autonomous vehicles and expert predictions of future challenges within engineering. DesignCon 2018, which is taking place from January 30 to February 1, will feature a unique keynote presentation on each day of the conference, providing sought-after perspectives on the latest industry trends.

Keynote speakers include Alice Bowman, Todd Hubing, Steve Sandler and Istvan Novak, hailing from organizations and institutions such as Johns Hopkins University, Clemson University, Picotest, Oracle and more. The 2018 DesignCon keynote lineup supports not only the technical aspects of the electronic design community, but also speaks to larger, wide-reaching topics that resonate within the vast electronics industry. A technical program committee (TPC) and content experts thoughtfully curated these speakers to ensure that the content speaks directly to engineers, but also will be of practical interest to the industry as a whole.

Along with leading the Space Exploration Sector's Space Mission Operations Group at Johns Hopkins University, Bowman also serves as Mission Operations Manager (MOM) for NASA's New Horizons mission. She supervises staff members who operate deep-space and Earth-orbiting spacecraft, and as the New Horizons MOM. She leads the team that commands and controls the spacecraft that made a historic close flyby of Pluto in July 2015, continuing deeper efforts into the solar system's distant Kuiper Belt region.

Dr. Todd Hubing, Professor Emeritus of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Clemson University and formerly a Michelin Professor of Vehicle Electronics, will discuss the current reliability of autonomous vehicles and the challenges in designing, in his presentation; How Do We Make Autonomous Vehicles Safe Enough. He will also cover how to ensure immunity to electromagnetic interference in future autonomous vehicles.

Moreover, a panel of thought leaders including: Steve Sandler, Managing Director, Picotest; Eric Bogatin, Adjunct Professor, University of Colorado; Istvan Novak, Senior Principal Engineer, Oracle; Alfred Neves, Chief Technologist, Wind River Technology; and Kenneth Wyatt, Sr. EMC Engineer, Wyatt Technical Services LLC, will strive to predict the effect that challenges in signal integrity, power integrity and electromagnetic interference will have on the industry within the next five years.

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Publisher: everything RF