6 GHz Over the Air (OTA) Test System for the IoT Market

MVG has launched a new system for checking wireless devices developed for the Internet of Things(IoT) market. The MiniLAB|6 GHz OTA is a new turn-key testing product that has been optimized to handle the OTA wireless testing of the various protocols used for Internet of Things applications, as well as all the standard protocols used for Smartphones. Starting below 1 GHz, it is capable of handling LPWAN protocols such as LoRa, SigFox as well as the cellular protocols optimized for IoT such as LTE-M and NB-IOT. Covering the entire frequency range up to 6 GHz it can handle the future 5G frequency bands expected to be used for IoT applications.

This is the first product that the Group has manufactured in mainland China. To mark the occasion, the Group is also unveiling its new subsidiary in Shenzhen, which comprises a production and systems engineering center as well as local sales and after-sales teams. The new location in mainland China, which supplements the Group's ongoing commercial presence in Hong Kong, is a testament to MVG's commitment to the country. The subsidiary is currently staffed by around twenty local employees and serves simultaneously as a commercial branch and as a production, support, and systems engineering center. This new subsidiary seeks to better serve the Asian markets, which hold considerable growth potential for the Group, facilitate dialogue with customers, and improve the responsiveness of our services. 

The MiniLAB|6 GHz OTA uses proven electronic scanning technology to evaluate the electromagnetic field on a full sphere surrounding the antenna. Power is measured using an array of bipolar probes that scan the object within a few seconds. The field is then reconstructed for visualization and post-processing. The chamber, which is fully shielded and lined with absorbing materials, automatically opens vertically, allowing easy access to the object being tested while also providing a perfectly stable, controlled RF environment. As such, all OTA parameters, including sensitivity, can be accessed in a few minutes with a high degree of precision.

Distributed worldwide, the MiniLAB I 6 GHz OTA holds a highly competitive position in terms of price and performance. As such, it is geared toward a wide-ranging market of potential customers. Coming a few months after the successful launch of the Group's antenna measurement product, StarLab 50 GHz, the new system is further proof of MVG's ability to provide innovative and competitive offerings that allow it to tap into the growth of the 5G and connected objects markets ahead of its competitors.


  • Country: United States
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