Terma & Tata Advanced Systems to Provide Surface Surveillance Radar for the Indian Navy

Danish aerospace, defense, and security company Terma in partnership with Tata Advanced Systems, has been awarded a contract to develop 31 Surface Surveillance Radar's (SSR) for the Indian Navy. The SSR program is the first procurement by Ministry of defense (MoD) under the “Buy and Make (Indian)” category of the Defense Procurement Procedure (DPP).

The project involves delivery, installation, and commissioning of radar systems on Indian Navy vessels as well as delivery of simulators, establishment of depot level facilities, and integrated logistics support with deliveries spread over 10 years. The radar is being manufactured in India with Transfer of Technology from Terma in Denmark. The SCANTER 6002 is a state-of-the-art, high-performance solid state radar capable of 24x7 operations.

The SCANTER X-band Navigation, Surface Search and Short Range Air Surveillance Radar Systems are complete radar sensor systems with proven small target detection capability to assist authorities in efficiently monitoring illegal activities such as drug trafficking, smuggling, illegal immigrants, piracy, illicit fishing, terrorism, etc. It is perfectly suited for high-definition sea surface surveillance and short-range air surveillance for helicopter control and ship navigation.

These radar systems are specifically designed to enter service where the commercial marine radar fails to meet the requirements for noise and interference rejection, signal processing, electronic interfacing, signal distribution, and resistance to a tough environment.

The SCANTER naval radar systems comply with the justification and operational requirements on board naval vessels to:  

  • Provide backup to primary surveillance radar system
  • Assist on-board tactical task functions
  • Helicopter landing control
  • Perform sea and short-range air surveillance with automatic target tracking
  • Provide versatile interface capability for C-Flex and other on-board systems
  • Provide safe navigation for year-round operation.

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