Ultrathin Batteries for LoRa-based devices to Enhance IoT Sensors and Devices

Semtech, a supplier of high performance analog and mixed-signal semiconductors, and Imprint Energy, a developer of battery technology, have collaborated to enhance the widespread deployment of Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Imprint Energy will design and produce ultrathin flexible printed batteries that are especially designed to power IoT devices based on Semtech’s LoRa® devices and wireless RF technology (LoRa Technology). LoRa Technology, with its long-range, low-power capabilities, is regarded by many as the defacto platform for building low-power wide area networks (LPWAN).

To help accelerate the next generation of battery technology, Semtech has invested in Imprint Energy. The companies are working closely to target applications that have the potential to create entirely new markets. The Imprint Energy battery enables new applications which have a thin and small form factor. Due to the integrated manufacturing process, the batteries are low cost to produce, making high volume deployments feasible. Additionally, a key benefit of the Imprint Energy battery technology is to produce flexible batteries using multiple types of conventional high-volume printing equipment, which allows quick integration in their existing production lines. Test production runs are currently being processed and the resulting batteries are being used in application prototypes to validate assumptions and engage early adopters.

Thousands of companies already use Semtech’s LoRa Technology to deploy IoT devices and sensors for smart cities, smart buildings, smart agriculture, and smart supply chain applications. With key capabilities of these ultra-thin batteries, the LoRaWAN ecosystem and partners can leverage the batteries for new, untapped use case applications to drive mass adoption in the IoT industry.

Semtech’s LoRa devices and wireless RF technology are widely adopted long-range, low-power solution for IoT that gives telecom companies, IoT application makers and system integrators the feature to deploy low-cost, interoperable IoT networks, gateways, sensors, module products, and IoT services worldwide.

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  • Country: United States
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