Pico Technology Opens New Office in Germany

Pico Technology has opened a new office in Garbsen, Germany. They recently hosted German press officials at an inauguration ceremony. Pico’s new office is in response to German PicoScope users, distributors and vehicle manufacturers asking for local sales, training and support in Germany. The facility will also service the needs of customers from Austria and Switzerland.

Pico Technology which until now has worked with over 25 vehicle manufacturers including GM, Toyota, Jaguar Land Rover, Mazda, Tesla and CNH, will now be able to engage directly with German manufacturers. The combination of the power of their products, the software updates and a growing presence in Germany will create more confidence in the brand.

Together with key partners like the Sternbeck Akademie, the company will be investing more time, effort and resources in developing PicoScope content, videos and technical articles in Germany, offering a more complete and comprehensive package to German customers, and making it easy for them to find, buy and benefit from PicoScope.

Olaf Jensen, Distribution Sales Manager for Pico Technology, and trainer Jens Sternbeck gave practical demonstrations of the oscilloscope at the ceremony, highlighting both the outstanding performance and the technician-friendly PicoScope software.