Bluetest Acquires Gefle Testteknik

Bluetest, the market leader in OTA Reverberation Test Systems, has completed the acquisition of Gefle Testteknik (GTT). GTT is a Swedish based test house that was founded in 2010, and is now a cutting edge test technology provider for some of the biggest players on the mobile infrastructure market. GTT provides customers with technology and integration support to make test design simple, and test systems efficient.

GTT will bring extensive knowledge about base station testing to Bluetest who will now be able to offer OTA solutions for both Mobile Devices and Base Stations. OTA testing of Base Stations will become more and more important when 5G is entering into the networks. The development of the GTT RBS test solution will now accelerate and focus on, especially, 5G. The combined group will have solutions for production and development/verification test, for both Base Stations and Mobile Devices.