24 GHz Radar Movement Detector Kit Simplifies Development of Motion Detection Solutions

Aspen Electronics will be now offering the RFbeam Microwave’s K-LD2 Evaluation Kit - It is a fully operational 24 GHz radar movement detector kit for development engineers to quickly evaluate the technology. It is ideal for applications like movement detection and speed measurement among others.

The K-LD2 24GHz radar module plus a Digital Signal Processing chip provides users with a much simpler solution when compared to the prospect of using a radar module and developing personal signal processing algorithms. It will allow those interested in “radar motion sensing” to make better use of the technology. The K-LD2 sensor supplied with the kit is a fully digital and low-cost radar movement detector. The sensor features a 2 x 4 patch antenna radar front-end with an asymmetrical beam and a powerful signal processing unit which has two digital outputs for signal detection information.

The evaluation board visualizes the two digital outputs of the K-LD2 using two LED’s. The sensitivity and the hold time are adjustable using analog inputs with potentiometers. The serial interface features a powerful command set to read-out advanced detection data or to fully customize the detection algorithm. The digital structure makes it very easy to use in any stand-alone or MCU based application where a movement detection or speed measurement is required.

Also included in the kit is a powerful control panel software where all the parameters can be modified to help drastically reduce development time. The complete module contains everything that is necessary to build a simple, yet reliable movement detector. Applications are numerous but include door opening; at home automation for lights and air-conditioning, marketing opportunities on advertising boards and POS objects, through to road use for speed measurement or distances between vehicles.

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