Resonant Introduces New LTE Band 41 Filter Mobile Handset Manufacturers

ResonantResonant712370 has announced that a state-of-the-art Full-Band, LTE Band 41 filter capable of extremely high power operation is now available for sampling from one of its early customers.

This new design complements to the previously announced Full-Band, Band 41 filter that was designed to address the challenging requirements of the Chinese market; specifically, applications where high power and low loss are critical. This new part meets the high power handset requirements for both U.S. and Chinese carriers, and due to its performance, may also be suitable for network infrastructure applications.

The LTE Band 41 filter, with High Power performance relative to the previously designed Band 41 TDD filter, is considered to be one of the most challenging and complex filters to design. This specialized design requires an extremely large bandwidth at 194 MHz, as well as the rejection of neighboring WiFi bands to prevent interference, allowing the co-existence of cellular with WiFi. The two key performance metrics that were improved in the HiPower design are lower loss, which increases battery life, and higher power durability, which enables increased coverage.

This new part is being made available by one of Resonant's ISN foundry partners who has branded the new filter design and is offering it for OEM sampling and immediate mass production. A Full-Band 41 design allows a single solution to cover the entire operating band, enabling an individual SKU for a global phone model.

The following table compares the maximum power capability across the full bandwidth of the Band 41 HiPower filter to the previously released Band 41 filter. The improvement is greater than a factor of 2 from an already impressive high power performance. Also shown in the table is the improved loss.

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