Kymeta SATCOM Technology to Simplify Communication for Renewable Energy Facilities

Kymeta has now partnered FMC GlobalSat in order to expand its distribution network. The new partnership will make efficient and reliable satellite communications and internet connectivity available to wind, solar, geothermal, and other renewable energy facilities.

The renewable energy market has traditionally been limited to available connectivity options, like fiber optic cables and microwave point-to-point systems, which are very expensive, don’t work everywhere, and often do not provide reliable connectivity. This is problematic for renewable energy facilities, where power grids require consistent load balancing, monitoring, security, safety protocol management, and asset management.

Renewable energy operations most often exist in remote locations far away from major metropolitan areas and have few or no options for connectivity. Kymeta solutions are reliable, utilize satellite communications that are available where terrestrial solutions are not, and are compatible with future LEO satellite constellations.

As the renewable energy sector continues to evolve and mature, leveraging site data and the ability to communicate that data quickly and securely is critical. Until now, the industry has been forced to choose between communication options with serious flaws. They were either, outdated and unsecure, extremely cost prohibitive, or unreliable. The partnership between FMC GlobalSat and Kymeta allows bringing to market a solution that cost-effectively and securely allows the industry not only to comply with regulators, but also to empower renewable energy owners and operators to access the full volume of data that is available.

Renewable energy operators can’t afford to have their power grid go offline, or to lose communication with their power plant, even momentarily. When terrestrial networks go down in a storm or a natural disaster, it’s possible for connectivity to the grid to be lost. Kymeta satellite solutions will curtail many of the limitations experienced with terrestrial networks. Kymeta KyWay terminals are known to provide easy, reliable access to a satellite-based network at a fraction of the cost of current connectivity alternatives for the renewable energy market.

Kymeta’s flat panel, lightweight, beam-forming antennas have no moving parts, making them maintenance-free, easy to position, and easy to control. In addition, it connects to high-throughput satellite coverage, making high-speed connectivity available anywhere and at any time. The solutions enable customers to connect to SCADA systems, and manage and optimize assets on a global scale, in a way that has never been possible.

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