4x4 MIMO to Boost 4G Performance and Helps Operators Prepare for 5G

According to a report published by Strategy Analytics, 4x4 MIMO can effectively improve network performance and user experience. The report predicts 4x4 MIMO will be gaining momentum in 4G infrastructure market and becoming a mainstream configuration of flagship smartphones.

Field test results prove that 4x4 MIMO can be an efficient tool for mobile operators to improve network capacity and user experience to meet fast growing mobile data demands. Because 5G coverage will be limited in its early phase, customer's seamless mobile broadband experience will still rely on the underlay 4G network. The performance of the underlay 4G network will be important for the success of early 5G deployment.

Gigabit LTE using 4x4 DL MIMO is at the leading edge today. The ecosystem is developing rapidly, with new phone models supporting 4x4 MIMO, arriving on retail shelves every month. More phone chip suppliers will soon enter the market with LTE radio modems that support 4x4 DL MIMO as well as advanced carrier aggregation with five CCs, LAA / LTE-U and eventually millimeter wave 5G. This will benefit the entire ecosystem from operators to consumers with more availability, lower prices, and new services.

Read the report - 4x4 MIMO Boosts 4G and Gives Consumers a Taste of the Gigabit Experience.

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