Autotalks Using Anritsu Wireless Test Platform for RF Calibration and Validation of V2X Chipsets

Autotalks has announced the endorsement of its RF calibration and validation test solution to be based on Anritsu’s MT8870A high-speed wireless test platform. The MT8870A Universal Wireless Test Set from Anritsu supports all Autotalks IEEE802.11p DSRC chipsets designed for V2X use cases. Anritsu’s MT88xx series long-established connectivity and cellular test methodologies enable customers to improve product quality while reducing test time and cost.

This joint effort is part of the eco-system preparation for the DSRC-based V2X deployment, ready for mass production in 2019. It was designed to meet every V2X application requirement with the most stringent performance specifications. DSRC V2X chipsets are the most advanced, truly secure and highest performing V2X communication solution designed to save lives now on the road, with huge planned investments in infrastructure.

Through this collaboration, Anritsu can provide innovative solutions to the automotive device vendors who validate and test embedded wireless technology. Autotalks chipsets and software, combined with MT8870A RF test solutions will result in one of the industry’s shortest test times and offer an attractive total cost of ownership proposition to a highly competitive market.

Anritsu has established the ability to comprehensively calibrate and validate Autotalks chipsets in both an R&D and manufacturing environment, meeting the requirements for accuracy and repeatability. Their equipment is already being successfully introduced by some of Autotalks leading customers to meet manufacturing requirement and availability expectations. It has given the company great assurance to be able to reaffirm its excellent radio performance, reaching -96dBm receiver sensitivity for a typical DSRC message. That coupled with excellent mobility performance, confirms high-speed operation in the presence of obstructions.


  • Country: United States
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