MilliLabs Introduces mm-Wave Wireless Channel Emulator for 5G New Radio and Connected Vehicles


MilliLabs, a New York based company has announced the launch of its wireless emulator specifically designed for 5G millimeter wave (mmWave) and Connected Vehicular systems.

The MilliLabs patent-pending solution is based on a new emulation paradigm, which integrates the emulation of not only the wireless channel, but also the multi-antenna RF front-ends (phased-array antennas) on the devices under test. This emulator is targeted for customer premises equipment, small cell, and base station testing. The technology is configurable to support different baseband and modem solutions and is the ideal test platform for new applications in 5G, high frequency bands, low latency, extra-large bandwidth and ultra-dense networks.

Engineers need to understand how millimeter Wave systems behave in a wide range of real-world propagation scenarios, which is typically accomplished through emulation. However, testing and verifying designs for millimeter-wave solutions is a challenge for the industry as it moves into 5G, since the increased computational complexity and hardware cost are show-stoppers when the traditional emulation paradigm is applied to millimeter wave systems. The primary reason for the infeasibility of the existing emulation paradigm to the 5G mmWave use-cases is that the bandwidth and number of antennas are both increased by 1-2 orders of magnitude as compared to current-generation 4G systems.

Until now there have been no commercial millimeter Wave channel emulators exist in the market. You can no longer take the approach for 3G and 4G and simply scale it up for the 5G use cases, because of the increasingly high cost. MilliLabs solution has been developed to design, prototype, develop, validate and perform performance testing of 5G & Connected Vehicular systems in millimeter-wave bands.

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