CommScope Files Patent Infringement Suit Against Cobham on Use of DAS Technology

CommScope has filed a patent infringement suit against Cobham in the District Court of Berlin related to digital distributed antenna system (DAS) technology.

This action follows a Court-ordered inspection of Cobham’s Intelligent Digital DAS (idDAS) installed along Berlin’s famous Fan Mile. Based on the information discovered during the inspection proceeding, a Court-appointed independent expert concluded that Cobham’s idDAS system does in fact infringe the German national parts of two CommScope patents, EP1269776B1 and EP2094058B1.

Speaking on the issue, Matte Melester, senior vice president and segment leader, Distributed Coverage and Capacity Solutions at CommScope, said that CommScope is pleased with the determination of the independent expert. According to him CommScope invests heavily in innovations to satisfy market demands for cellular communications, and it will continue to protect its investments by enforcing intellectual property rights.

In 2016, CommScope filed suit against Dali Wireless for patent infringement related to digital RF transport intellectual property. Earlier this year, CommScope had signed an agreement with Kathrein AG to license CommScope’s complete DAS patent portfolio.


  • Country: United States
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