World's First Wireless Power Transmitter to Support Apple 7.5 W & Android Fast-Charge Modes

Integrated Device Technology has introduced world's first transmitter reference design for wireless charging that supports iPhone 8 and iPhone X models with up to 7.5 W of power, in addition to supporting WPC EPP and other Android-based fast charging modes. This new reference design is a compelling solution for designers and manufacturers of wireless charging pads, enabling them to create transmitters for Apple, Android and other devices that use the Qi wireless charging standard.  

At the heart of the reference design solution is the new P9242-G transmitter IC which provides extremely accurate fixed frequency operation for EMI compatibility with EN303 417 and enhanced smartphone application co-existence. The reference kit supports the WPC Qi Baseline Power Profile (BPP) and Extended Power Profile (EPP) up to 15 W with enhanced Foreign Object Detection (FOD) for a highly reliable and robust user experience. Additionally, the converged transmitter design supports all major fast wireless charging protocols.

The P9242-G-EVK reference kit has an input voltage range of 11 V to 19 V, supports USB or USB Type-C connectors and can be upgraded in the field through the system flash memory. The reference kit boasts extremely low quiescent power of less than 900 mW.

IDT is sampling this reference kit now and will release it for broader availability in January, 2018. For more information including technical documentation, click here.