RF Over Fibre System Delivers Connection Links up to 10 Km Apart in Harsh Environments

ETL Systems has deployed its StingRay RF over Fibre 1+1 Redundancy solution for a leading pan-African telecoms group called Liquid Telecom, a subsidiary of Econet Global. Liquid Telecom is a leading communications services and solutions provider across 13 countries in Eastern, central and Southern Africa that serves carrier, enterprise and retail customers with high-speed, reliable connectivity and digital services.

It provides the African gateway to the Intelsat EPIC satellite IS33e at its teleport in Krugersdorp, Johannesburg. However, with 200 m between its RF cabin and the main equipment room and frequent lightning storms, signal loss and equipment resilience were proving challenging. ETL Systems’ StingRay RF over Fibre solution provides fibre connectivity for RF signal distribution between an antenna and a remote control room.

Capable of delivering connections for links up to 10 km apart without the need for additional amplification, it drastically reduces signal loss, ensuring a much higher quality feed. The 1+1 redundancy system provides additional resilience for uplink and downlink transmissions over fibre. If one fibre link fails, the signal is automatically switched to the redundant path.

This implementation is the latest in a series of implementations of this solution across a range of Liquid Telecom’s sites, which includes connectivity for Kwese TV and VSAT hubs serving African consumers with broadband connections. The StingRay RF over Fibre system makes a massive difference to the efficiency and quality of service.

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