New Patent Enables Invisibility through Cloaking and Deflection at Microwave Frequencies

Fractal Antenna Systems has filed a new Patent 9,847,583 that covers electromagnetic cloaking/deflection of satellites, rockets, towers, antennas, vehicles, body coverings, people, ships, spacecraft, and many others, each uniquely recognized as novel inventions.

The invention of the invisibility cloak, acknowledged by their earlier patent 8,253,639, was a watershed moment, creating a new field of applied science. Deflection is brought about through their novel technology, including deflecting electromagnetic waves around an object, so that it remains invisible and undisturbed. This applied science is emerging with real applications, and Fractal Antenna Systems takes patented claim on invention of these applications.

Uses of the newly patented technology extend to commercial needs such as towers, antennas, people, and shielding, but it may also be used in defense and intelligence arenas.

Fractal Antenna Systems not only invented the invisibility cloak and deflector ‘shield’ but demonstrated them as well. The technology produces the desired effects without any requirements on special orientation, composition, or shape of the object. The cloak/deflector can be very thin, and the effect can happen over a wide bandwidth. This introductory video shows the cloaking/deflection effect, demonstrating that it is not a diffraction phenomenon, but a unique result of evanescent surface wave production, enabled by the firm’s fractal metamaterial technology.

In November 2012, a man was cloaked with an invisibility vest before a technical audience at the Radio Club of America, disappearing at microwave wavelengths, thus publicly demonstrating enablement of the now newly patented technology. A peer-reviewed scholarly article also detailed the successful efforts to cloak a person at microwave frequencies using this new technology.

Cloaking and related applications concentrate on microwave and infrared wavelengths, although the technology and patents apply to visible light as well. According to Nathan Cohen, cloaking at visible light has limited needs. Camouflage and projection methods are easier and cheaper at making something disappear to the eye. But at radio and heat wavelengths, the cloaking technology is an important enabler.

Fractal Antenna Systems has assembled a comprehensive IP portfolio of over a dozen patents and pending patents, on cloaking, deflectors and absorbers, using fractal resonator metamaterials and surface waves. There is no ambiguity about ‘source’ patents and priority on these technologies/applications; others must now look at Fractal’s patents as the defining prior art and acknowledge their exclusive use and offerings, as they confidently meet the needs of customers.

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