Harxon Introduces Frequency Hopping Modem with Strong Anti-jamming & Signal Receiving Capability

Harxon has launched a new frequency hopping OEM modem HX-DU2017D, which provides strong anti-jamming and signal receiving capability for complex data intensive applications. It is the first miniature, dual frequency, and software selectable 840 MHz & 900 MHz data link modem available on the market.

The HX-DU2017D  modem allows fast and secure, simultaneous data communication for mission-critical applications, especially in the fields of precision agriculture and UAVs. For example, unmanned plant survey, UAV plant protection, automatic mower. It could be easily placed on UAV, as it’s quite an extremely small footprint for tight OEM integration and design flexibility. Meanwhile, its frequency hopping transmission ensures the data security and flight stability.

The modem provides a power switching of 0.5W, 1W and 2W with 20ms/30ms/40ms/50ms frequency hopping intervals, and supports Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint networks. Its full duplex mode ensures secure data transfers and stable long-range communication. The HX-DU2017D modem also provides short latency of data transmission and communication recovery in  the millisecond level.