Intersil Corporation Now Operating Under the Renesas Electronics America Name

Renesas has announced that Intersil Corporation has started its operation in the market under the name of Renesas Electronics America Inc, effective from January 1, 2018. The operations of Renesas and Intersil have already begun. They are combining their portfolios, technologies and talent to maximize the potential of the acquisition synergies. As a result, they are positioned to expand their business in the broad-based market, providing complete system solutions that enable customers to get to market faster.

Prior to this entity integration, Renesas implemented a transition to a new organizational structure in July 2017 to accelerate the integration of the Intersil business. The aim of this transition is to move beyond its Japan-centric business management and to achieve a truly global company that acts as “One Global Renesas,” a company that operates as a global entity.

The rollout of the Renesas brand will start in all locations worldwide in 2018. All branches and offices in the U.S. will be rebranded with the Renesas logo. The rebranding of other locations will follow regional timelines. With regards to the product brand, the rebranding of Intersil products as Renesas products have started with a few exceptions; products that are currently under mass production or under development and products for the military and aerospace segments.

New products, excluding military and aerospace products will also be rebranded. These new products do not include products of a simple derivative or a minor revision of an existing product.

Renesas will continue to integrate the regional subsidiaries, and from January 2018 onwards, all remaining Intersil subsidiaries will, in principle, start to adopt company names starting with “Renesas” with the aim of accelerating the organic growth of the corporate group as “One Global Renesas.”


  • Country: United States
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